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Arrow Ranger Shooting: Dino Park Showdown

4.8 ( 6608 ratings )
Игры Ролевые игры Спорт
Разработчик Going App Mobile

Do you have what it takes to be an Arrow Ranger?
The most exciting hunting game in the air!!!

The only game which lets you hunt jurassic age pterodactyl dinosaurs and shoot them from the sky!

Arrow Ranger Shooting is a bow shooter that is completely fun and totally addicting.

You travel into the past when dinosaurs ruled the world.
You land on a distant island inhabited by deadly flying beasts that are out to get you.
Use your skills to shoo them down!

• Addicting bow and arrow shooting gameplay
• Cool but deadly pterodactyls
• Simple controls
• Fun for the whole family!
• Available on iPad and iPhone

Get ready aim and shoot!!

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